Introducing the PixSolBulls!

5999 algorithmically generated, unique NFT collectibles that will be minted on the Solana blockchain. The PixsolBulls iterate over an attribute range of over 70 exclusive traits. Each NFT has been verified through a custom color matching algorithm to produce an exquisite ensemble palette. Use the attributes details section and catch a glimpse of what’s in store for your future bulls! So many rad attributes are found in all individual NFTs which YOU can claim very soon!

These bulls will be snatched the second they’re released into the blockchain, and you DON’T wanna miss that. So, don’t forget to follow our twitter and discord to be the first to know about latest news.

We the creators of this project, are a few but devoted and passionate artists and programmers who have infused our creativity into every single NFT in the PixSolBulls collection.

| Minting Price of 0.35 SOL | OCTOBER 31st |


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

PixSolBulls are 5999 algorithmically generated, unique, collectibles with proof of ownership stored on the Solana block chain. Developed using python and progressive color matching algorithms, the PixSolBulls possess the most unique traits and properties with each attribute generated and implemented into the collection through the creative expertise of our digital designers and the proficiency of our soft engineers. We believe that the PixSolBulls not only 2021 bull market also stands in tribute to it.

The Pixsol Bulls collection is the culminate effort and labor of the few but devoted and passionate individuals in our team who are enthusiasts of the NFTs market and the crypto community. We strive to serve a market of refined digital art work that stays true to the values of the platform. .

The randomized variation code that was utilized in the creation of each PixSolBul was based primarily on python and further aided from multiple built in libraries. Upon assembly, each variation is fed into a color matching model that ensures properties such as the attributes, backgrounds and the skins of the bulls are all artistically working in ensemble. In addition to all this operative care and caution, the final NFT that make the collection, were handpicked by our designers.

You can visit the attributes section in our website in order to discover the rarity of your purchased. (We will be releasing a rarity and attribute score calculator soon!)

We will be deploying the project our website in which you can connect your wallet and mint the NFT. We will let you know more details as soon as possible.

We will be having multiple giveaways for our NFTs and also allowing you to stand a chance of winning a SOL tokens! What’s more, we are currenting planning ahead and developing the strategies for NFT Airdrops! So, make sure to follow us on twitter and stay updated with what’s up and coming for the PixSolBulls.

Feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter @pixsolbulls or email us at pixsolbulls@gmail.com